Paper Money Culture 2019 Chinese-New-Year Product Design Competition

Aim of the Competition:

The aim of the competition is to design and develop the Chinese-New-Year product of 2019 which centers on the element of Paper Money Culturei and precious metals. The design, whose presentation form and carrier may be diverse, must highlight the traditional Chinese-New-Year culture and the spirit of Chinese New Year. The theme of the entry may either involve the hot topic The Belt And Road or embody the characteristics of Shaanxi culture. The product may be developed in a comprehensive manner, which means that traditional technique, electronics technology and the Internet are all allowed in the entry.

The design must be novel and rich in culture flavor. Additionally, the design is even encouraged to be further developed commercially.


1. Background Information

“Paper Money Culture”, a sub-branch of the monetary culture, represents a perfect combination of the design elements of Renminbi and modern technology. Following the concept of green circular economy, it processes the incomplete RMB currencies, which plays the part of the main theme of the products, into a brand new yet practical collectable handiwork. Currently, the products of Paper Money Culture falls into 5 major categories: the master series, the office series, the study series, the home series and the precious metal series.


2. Requirements

1) The entry must be original. Plagiarism is prohibited. Teamwork is encouraged.
2) The entry must be strictly kept confidential and the leakage of the entry is prohibited.


3. Registration and Submission

Upon registration, the creative effect picture, three-view drawing (left, front and top view) and the source file (the format may be illustrater, coreldraw, 3ds max, maya, rhino,etc.) of each entry must be submitted.

The registration form must be filled correctly and meet the requirements of the committee.


4. Contact information

The Department of Design, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts,
No.100 South Hanguang Road,
Shaanxi Province
P.R. China
Mr. Ma Kanghui, Ms. Cheng Ganlin
+86-029-89189293 (office hour)