Design Biennale Background

The core of the Silk Road spirit is peaceful cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit, and it is "The precious heritage of human civilization". The 2023 China Central Asia Summit was held in Xi'an, symbolising the beginning of a new journey on the Silk Road and of great significance.

"The Third Silk Road Spirit: Western China International Design Biennale 2023-2024" is in response to the national strategy of strengthening cultural power, intending to promote Chinese cultural characteristics, exploring traditional cultural resources, expanding contemporary design perspectives, and stimulating innovation and creativity. It deeply explores, sorts out, and studies cultural and artistic design resources along the Silk Road, and utilises "the road of knowledge exchange" to carry out academic cultural and artistic exchanges with higher education institutions in countries along the Silk Road to the world-wild. To explore cultural development together, we promote seeking cultural prosperity together and make Chinese traditional culture an artistic essence with specific characteristics and the spirit of the times to go global.

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