The Theme of the Biennale Competition and Exhibition

The theme of this biennial competition and exhibition is "The Power of Spirit", aiming to stimulate the vitality of traditional cultures with the spirit of the times, showcase the Silk Road spirit of the new era with cultural inheritance and innovation, spread the New Silk Road culture with design culture as a link, create a cultural atmosphere of the Silk Road " Community with a shared future", and transmit the spiritual power of mutual learning among civilizations.

The Third Silk Road Spirit: Western China International Design Biennale consists of three major units, high-end academic forums, global master designer works exhibitions and workshop units, and competition units primarily for college and university students worldwide.

The exhibition and competition activities are committed to strengthening academic cultural and artistic exchanges, integrating educational resources, and actively promoting the opening of higher design education to China’s western region, thereby assisting in the new starting point of the Silk Road Economic Belt, promoting cultural exchanges between China and Asia Europe, and making positive contributions to the development of Chinese culture and art.

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