1. All entries and related materials sent to the competition organizing committee will not be returned.

2. A set of works can only be submitted to one professional category. If a set of works is found to participate in the selection of multiple professional categories, the organizing committee will cancel its eligibility to participate.

3. The entries of the contestants must be original works created by the contestants themselves (or groups). If there is any act of plagiarism of others' creativity or ideas, or if there are disputes over intellectual property, portrait rights, copyright, etc. in the works, the organizing committee will cancel their eligibility to participate and the contestants will bear the consequences. The organizers will not be responsible for any disputes caused by the viewpoints of the works; The judges have the absolute right to select works; The organizing committee has the right to refuse any works that infringe on the culture, national dignity, or morality of various countries or do not meet the requirements for participation, and has the right to exhibit, publish, promote, and collect the participating works. The author has the right of authorship.

4. The organizer has the final right of interpretation for related activities such as the solicitation of this work.

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